CharLi features all of the charging cables your clients need. He can recharge Smartphones, tablets, e-books, e-cigs and many more connected objects using its 5 charging cables and USB port : 

  • Charging cables can extend up to 40 cms;
  • Charging cables can be easily replaced to keep up with users’ needs and new technologies;
  • Each output is electronically protected against short circuit and provides 1000mA;
  • Dimensions : 5.7 x 5.9 x 7.1 inches for 5.5 pounds (14,5 x 15 x 18 cm for 2.5 kgs).


CharLi doesn’t need to be plugged to a power outlet. It uses a rechargeable battery which allows it to be installed anywhere you would like.

No set up is required, set CharLi down and users can start recharging their phone’s batteries right away. In 10 minutes the user gets about 10% of charge. You will no longer need to keep your clients’ smartphones and the responsibility that goes with it. Instead provide them with CharLi.

  • In full battery, CharLi can recharge from 30 to 40 devices without being connected to a power plug;
  • Your clients will gain 10% of battery in 10 mns;
  • CharLi needs from 6 to 8 hours to be fully charged, enough time for him to dream;
  • CharLi’s battery can remain charged up to 6 months thanks to its efficient system.


By recharging your clients’ batteries, you provide them with a great service and you have their attention. CharLi makes the most of it, allowing you to communicate with them using

  • The HD connected screen which plays your videos while users are charging their devices;
  • The plexitop on top of CharLi which can feature a leaflet with information;
  • The NFC tag that is placed inside CharLi which will redirect users to download your application, go onto your website or social networks.


CharLi is designed for low traffic areas. However, CharLi can be used in locations with heavy traffic. The Kensington, lock system will secure to the back of any CharLi Charger which keeps it from being stolen and still gives it the ability for movement.



CharLi does and we often say it.
66% of your clients and team members who own a smartphone are nomophobe (no mobile phobia). They get anxious when their smartphone isn’t with them and they dislike battery problems. By solving this anxiety with CharLi, you will bring them joy and peace. Those feelings of happiness will be unconsciously tied to your company and lead your clients to be more faithful.

How to adopt him ?


 You wish to provide a great service to your clients and team members ? CharLi doesn’t require any set up and can be used in waiting and meeting areas such as : meeting rooms, waiting rooms, bars, restaurants, hair dressers, car dealers …


 Discover an innovative opportunity to attract visitors on your booth / your event.
Provide visitors, speakers, and team members with a great and convenient service to recharge their batteries. While recharging their devices, users will be attentive to your message on top of CharLi (about your brand, news or social networks …), interact with you using the NFC tag but also be available to speak to your team.


CharLi is partner to many events and shows such as : IFTM Top Resa, Hub Forum, Sonar, € day Paris, Marketing day, Viva Technology, Mondial du Tourisme, Festival of Marketing, Caffe Culture Show, Electronica, Jumping by Longines …

CharLi is partner to the world’s biggest events such as :