1. Presentation of our Web site

In accordance with the law n° 2004-2005 of June 21st, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy, our Web site created by Studio Nuük, owner of the website nuuk.fr, place at the disposal of the public information concerning our company.
Possibly modifiable, we thus invite you to consult our legal information as often as possible, so as to become acquainted of it frequently.

2. General terms of use of the site and the proposed services.

By using our Web site https://charlicharger.fr, you accept fully and entirely the general terms of use specified in our legal information. Accessible to any type of visitors, it is important to specify however that an interruption for maintenance of the Web site perhaps decided by Smart Mobile Solutions. The dates and hours of interruptions nevertheless will be specified in advance with the users.

3. Products or proposed services by charlicharger.fr

In agreement with its policy of communication, the website https://charlicharger.fr has the role to inform the users on the proposed services by Smart Mobile Solutions, which then endeavours to provide accurate information on its activity. However, of the inaccuracies or the omissions can exist: the company will not be able to in no case to be held for person in charge for any error present on the website https://charlicharger.fr.

4.  Contractual limitations

The information retranscribed on our Web site https://charlicharger.fr are the subject of qualitative approaches, with a view to ensuring their reliability. However, we shall not be liable for any technical inaccuracies in our explanations.
If you notice an error concerning information that we may have omitted, please let us know by e-mail at contact@charlicharger.fr.

Links connected directly or indirectly to our Web site https://charlicharger.fr are not under the control of our company. Consequently, we cannot make sure of the exactitude of information present on these other websites.

Using technology Javascript, the website https://charlicharger.fr could not be held for person in charge in the event of material damages related to his use. In addition, any other type of consequence related to the exploitation of the website https://charlicharger.fr, that it is direct or indirect (bug, incompatibility, virus, loss of market, etc).

5. Intellectual property and contents of the website

Editorial contents of the Web site https://charlicharger.fr belongs exclusively to Smart Mobile Solutions. Any violation of the copyrights is sanctioned by the L.335-2 article of the Code of the Intellectual property, with 2 years an incurred sorrow of imprisonment and 150.000€ of fine

The website https://charlicharger.fr could not be held responsible in the event of abusive remarks, in racist matter, defamatory or pornographic, exchanged on interactive spaces. The company also reserves the right to remove very contained contrary with the values of the company or the applicable legislation in France.

While surfing on the website https://charlicharger.fr, the user also accepts the possible installation of cookies on his computer.

6. Personal data, respect of your private life and your freedoms

Any information collected on the Web site https://charlicharger.fr are done within the framework as of needs related to the use of our platform, such as the form of ordering or the request of subscription to the newsletter. In addition, the withdrawal of subscription of the Newsletter is done thanks to the link located in footer.
Smart Mobile Solutions commits itself not yielding to in no case information concerning the users of the website, in some way that it is (sale, exchange, loan, hiring, gift).

In accordance with data-processing law the “and freedoms” of January 6th, 1978 modified in 2004, the user profits from a right of access and of correction to information relating to it, right which it can constantly exert by addressing an e-mail at the address webmaster@nuuk.fr, or by carrying out its request by mail, at the address following: 61 B AVENUE OF SUFFREN 75007 PARIS.

7. Applicable duty and laws concerned

Subjected to the French right, the Web site https://charlicharger.fr is framed by the law n° 2004-2005 of June 21st, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy, the L.335-2 article of the Code of the Intellectual property and data-processing law the “and freedoms” of January 6th, 1978 modified in 2004.



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